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SCR Pro Apk  for Android: Have you ever wanted to record any video from your Android device screen? SCR Pro Apk is a file of an app which let you record phone screen without Root your phone, as it avoids the risk to spoil your device. SCR Pro app comes with the screen recorded facilities by which you can record almost anything in your Android device like the Gameplay, tutorials, and tips, etc. SCR Pro Apk file is the most comprehensive screencast recording app which is available on the market.

What is SCR Pro? SCR Pro is an App which let you record almost everything that appears on your Android device. Choose your favorite resolution options with different encoder types and different sound sources. In case if you want to record a sound on your device you need to have root privileges. While your phone is not rooted, you will be only able to play the sound in a microphone.

How to Download SCR Pro Apk for Android Phones:

SCR Pro Apk Download

SCR Pro is very simple and easy to use. For starting recording, you just need to push a button, and you have to shut down the screen with the help of the device button for stopping the recording. The recorded file later will be stored on any of your favorite folders by using the setup options. Here you can also find some other options such as the possibility of showing when you touch the screen. It is an excellent recording app that uses very fewer resources and gives you a lot of good results.

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SCR Pro Apk is a tool app for recording video or taking screenshots. It is mainly used for making videos such as Gameplay, tutorials, Guide, etc. Get the latest version of the SCR PRO Apk file, and it is very easy to download and install it on your Android device. At first, go at any Apk file downloading official website. Get the file and accept the terms and agreement. Install the app by tapping.  You might need All-in-one Apk downloader for downloading the SCR Pro Apk file.

Features of SCR Pro Apk:

  • It works on both rooted or jailbreak or unlocks devices or non-root devices
  • It has an awesome quality of screencasts which is directly from your phone or tablet.
  • SCR use the hardware accelerated video encoder for getting the best quality screen recording on any device.
  • SCR Pro is the only video recorder app available on the market with the supporting Tegra device that also includes the Nexus 7.
  • SCR Screen Recorder can collect anonymous usage of statistics which help to track the bugs or analyze how the users can use the App.
  • SCR Pro software can use an unmodified code of FFmpeg 1.2 license by the LGPL.
  • Now as the free camera is available to share your emotions by adding a front facing camera with your video.
  • It does not display any ads. Development of the Apps is supported by the donations only.
  • SCR Pro app is a unique, comprehensive screencast for recording the app.
  • SCR Pro app is supporting in all the Android versions from a version of 4.0 and above, and it gives you the best encoding features available on every platform.
  • Now you can do quick share or chronometer is added along with the notifications.
  • It can start or stop recording during the Gameplay without any interruption.
  • Only at startup, the SXR Pro app will ask you for capture permissions.
  • You can save the data of the video or sound recordings in your SD memory.
  • The video trimmer and GIF Exporter are now available.
  • You can also draw on a screen while the recording process is going on.
  • It has a minimal mode, and you can enjoy the screen recorder with a minimal interface.
  • It has a minor style fixes
  • It can avoid the crash of a file when the recording size is more than the 43GB.

How to Make Videos of Games using SCR Pro App on your Android device?:


Have you ever wanted to record a video from your Android device screen? SCR Pro has the feature for recording gameplay videos, and you can also take any screenshot of Apps. Some of the common problems while capturing videos directly in your Android device is that most of the time it cause you a very serious bottleneck in a situation like trying to shoot in a real time.

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This may occur more so while using an app especially when it is designed for rendering a video or when both the apps of the game are running continuously. These are the methods for improving any of the quality for both of it. Among the apps that run in an Android emulator for a PC and capture using your PC tool designed like the Open Broadcaster Software.

Tips for Using the SCR Pro Apk:

  • Do not install the SCR Pro Apk when your device is not root as it may cause damage to your android device.
  • If you face any issue son the App, please report on its official website.
  • It has a couple of Android 5.0 issues which are fixed by disabling SE-Linux on enforcing during the recording.
  • Numbers of bugs are fixed with updates.
  • No matter what you may prefer to select the simple presents or go for the manually tweak for whichever you have got it covered.
  • The SCR supports so many customizations and also provides a performance or any other stability stats.
  • When you come is facing the video you can try moving the camera overlay around so that it will not obstruct some important controls.
  • It is supported on the Android Marshmallow support,
  • It can remove the Google player rating reminder.
  • It saves any files to the external SD without any root encoder on a Lollipop Android device. Also remember not to select any root output directory.


SCR Pro Apk File is available in any Apk files official website which is for free downloading, but you cannot it in Google Pay Store. It is a fun app for recording any type such as Gameplay videos or tutorials video from your Android screen. Please share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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