How to Download APK Extractor on Android Phone for free

Apk Extractor: How to Download APK Extractor for android for free and use it to extract the APK files of the installed mobile application? Before downloading the APK extractor on your android phone, let us know what APK extractor is and how does it work and why do we need the APK extractor. The full form of APK is Android Package File. It is a package file format. Android Package File is used by the operating system Android so that it can install and distribute the mobile application on a device.

What is APK Extractor?

APK Extractor is a mobile application which helps you to extract the APK files of mobile applications which you can use to share it with others. These APK files of the mobile application on your phone are installed on your device’s memory therefore, the APK extractor extracts these APK files to your SD card memory and allows you to share those applications with others.

Download APK Extractor

The great advantage of the APK extractor is that it can also extract APK files of your system applications too.The google play has rated the APK extractor application 4.3 out of 5 by its users. SO now it’s clear why do we need an APK extractor and how it can help us in distributing mobile applications to our friends.

How to Download APK Extractor for Android Phones:

To download APK extractor please follow the instructions below –

  1. Open google plays on your android device.
  2. Click on the search option available on google play.
  3. Search APK extractor.
  4. After searching you will be able to see the application on the screen. Select the application.
  5. Click on install button.
  6. After the download gets completed your application will be installed on your android device automatically and you will be able to use it.

APK extractor is also available on another website such as much more but to download it from other than google play you need to permit your device to install it from unknown resources after the download gets completed which can be done through settings of your android device.

There are different versions of APK extractor available on the internet which are – APK extractor 4.0.1, APK extractor 4.0.5, APK extractor and the latest one available is APK extractor 4.0.6.

How to Use the APK file Extractor to extract files of mobile applications?

To use the APK extractor application on your android device follow the instructions given below –

  1. Download the APK extractor application in your android device.
  2. Install the downloaded application on your android device.
  3. Open the APK extractor application on your mobile phone.
  4. When you open the app you will see a list of apps which are installed on your mobile phone.
  5. Find the app whose APK file you need to extract.
  6. You can also use the search option available to find the app easily app fast.APK file Extractor
  7. Now press long on the app whose APK file you need to extract. Features of APK Extractor
  8. When you do so two options will be displayed on the screen.
  9. One will be to directly copy the link of the APK file which you can download on your SD card memory
  10. The second option will allow you to share the link directly from the APK extractor app to your friends.
  11. When you select the first option your APK file of the mobile application will be saved to your SD memory which you can get it in the file manager of your phone in the folder Extracted/APK.
  12. When you select the second option you can share the APK file through different applications like Bluetooth, via email etc.

Features of APK Extractor:

The APK Extractor application is very easy to use on your phone. It also works fast and do not take much time to extract the APK file of the mobile application you need. One of the best features the app have is that it does not require to root your phone. This application can extract multiple files and you can say that it can extract APK files of every app you require with such an ease and speed. Hope the article help you with installing and using your APK app easily. So start downloading and share apps with your friends.


How to Download APK Extractor on Android Phone for free
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