BHIM App Download For Android, iOS & Windows Devices

BHIM App: Ever since the Modi government took the step of demonetization, the RBI and, the current government has done some frequent changes in rules and policies. While most of the opposition parties were united and took the NDA government on the attack, the current government got the support of the public. The reason for taking this bold move was bot only to curve fake currencies out of the system but also move India towards a cashless economy, while most supported the decision; many questioned the process of implementation. Still today, you will find people standing in long queues outside of Banks and ATMs, just to withdraw their own money.

No doubt, the intention was right, but there is also no denying that the decision of demonization had some good effects and some ill effects. Since, November 8th PM, Modi has also tried to push India towards a cashless economy, while many questioned the success of it because of the lack of infrastructure, the current government seems to be in no mood to surrender yet. In fact, just today, PM Modi introduced an App called BHIM to encourage the idea of cashless economy.

BHIM App Download For Android, iOS & Windows Devices:

BHIM App Download

BHIM App isn’t the only initiative the current government has taken, over the past 1 month, PM Modi has taken a lot of initiatives to move India towards a cashless economy. In fact, since then, we have seen the introduction of the *99# banking service, which made of doing transactions possible from your mobile phone without using any kind of app or internet.

The government also got heavily criticized by different economists, due to the loss of money India has suffered after the decision of demonetization. Despite all, PM Modi seems to be in no mood to give up, and the launching of BHIM app by Modi proves quite a lof of things.

One of the features that you have been hearing after the launching of this app is that the app won’t require any kind of Internet connection to run, well that’s partially true, because, during the setup of the application, you will be requiring an Internet connection.

How to Download BHIM App for Android & iOS Devices:

As of now, the app will run on any Android or iOS powered smartphones, so if you are Windows or Blackberry user, and if you found similar kind of app in your App store then please avoid it, as it will be nothing more than a scam.

During the launching of the application, PM Modi also stated that the App would run on the simplest of Android phones without any kind of hassle. Until now, around 30K Android smartphone has downloaded this application, and most of them have given a positive feedback about it.

Another reason for being excited is that the current government has also introduced several lucky draw schemes for people who have been transactions via digital payment, and, according to sources, the BHIM App Download will surpass the likes of Paytm, Freecharge, MobiWik, etc.

Moving ahead, now, let us talk about some of the features and how you can download the BHIM app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Features of BHIM App:

Easy setup: If you have already downloaded the application, then you might have noticed how simple it is to set it up. Once you run the setup, you just need to insert the phone number, which is linked to your bank account, in order to verify it, an SMS is sent from your phone to complete the verification process. Followed by the verification process, you need to insert a 4-digit passcode, which you will be requiring for sending or requesting money.


Interface: Simplicity leads the way, people who have downloaded this app has been appreciating its clean and simple UI, as from the image you can see for yourself how easy it is to send or request money. To send money, you can either insert the payees registered the phone number, or you could insert the payee’s account no and IFSC code, either way, you will be able to send up to 20K rupees in a day.


Banking support: As of now, the BHIM app supports more than 25 banks, and in the coming days, more banks will be included in this list.

Send money by scanning QR code: Like Paytm, using BHIM app also you will be able to send or receive money via using the QR code.

Steps to Download BHIM App For Android or iOS Smartphones:

  • As mentioned before, at present, the app is available for iOS and Android users.
  • However, they are few requirements, which you should know about.
  • If you are an Android user, then you need to have an Android device running Android v 4.1.1 or higher version.
  • In case, you are an iOS user, then you need to have an iOS device running iOS 5 or higher.
  • At today’s event, the Prime Minister also stated that soon only a thumbprint would be required for sending and receiving money via the BHIM app.
  • However, what will be the requirement for that, we are yet to know.


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